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About You Are a Media Company (YAMC)

You Are a Media Company Course is packed with over 10 hours of content that helps entrepreneurs, startups founders, business owners and entrepreneurs build their own media companies. Whether you know it or not, you are in the media business and if you are a CEO, entrepreneur, business owner or marketing professional, your job is to create and generate content, information and a way to connect with your ideal client or customer to reach your goals.

This course is great for

Entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to generate more sales and opportunities.

Solopreneurs and brands looking to increase their visibility.

Organizations that are looking to increase their visibility by leveraging various digital tools.

Leaders and innovators looking to distinguish their products or services.

Marketing professionals that are looking to focus their marketing efforts and searching for a strategic way to reach their goals.

About You Are a Media Company (YAMC) in the Media

Gresh has spoken about having and building your own media company. Check out some of the mentions on podcast and blogs and more features on his site:

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